s is for suitcase

project suitcase0809 - 15

thanks to a friend, our preschool was given this sweet suitcase.  while i am sure i will share it for some vacation play, i am using it daily as a “project suitcase.”

paintbrushes 0809.JPG

i load it with the supplies we will need for our project of the day.

project suitcase 0809 - 16

the anticipation on the part of the preschoolers is worth it.  then i close up my suitcase, pick it up and lead them to the project table.

a is for apple printing

apple prints 0809 - 2

this is likely one of the most classic activities…so satisfying.  so many connections to the world of nature and science.  we’ve been working with apples all week.  tasting them, sorting them, graphing them, digging out the seeds, and then i deemed some apples “too yucky to eat so we can use them for painting.”

this is simply cutting the apple in half so that the star can be seen, then dipping in paint, then pressing.

apple prints 0809 - 6

apple prints 0809 - 5

apple prints 0809 - 4

and oh, joy when a seed actually comes out with the print!

apple prints 0809 - 3

we do this printing with celery, green peppers, potatoes, corn, okra, oranges, carrots too.  i really like to get food that is genuinely expired or being thrown away.