30 thoughts on “c is for color wheel

  1. Comes just in time for my color challenged toddler. We’ll give this a try. Color bins really helped with Blue, Green, Red, Orange and Yellow. This will be a good way to introduce the next set of colors or just to reinforce his learning.


    1. oh yeah! i did this myself this summer….must find those pictures.

      though, in our drought land here, we’d barely have more than brown and grey…maybe a bit of green. soon, soon, soon the coolness will bring color i hope!


    1. yeah, messy usually means a lot more fun.

      : )

      and man, i am excited to check out your blog! we’ve got two male teachers in the classroom this year. good stuff.


    1. this was a couple of years ago…i should do it again too.

      we still have it hanging in our entryway, though… : )


  2. Thanks for linking to my watercolor recipe, and I just love this color wheel project! It might be a great way to use up all those craft odds and ends…..!


  3. I LOVE this idea! It’s beautiful! I adore doing collages with my class – especially when I’m emphasizing just one color at a time. And my children loves picking through the items figuring out what everything is – or was! You have a lot of great ideas here – I’m going to have to steal a few! Great blog – your class does seem fun and engaging! Good times!


  4. With all these great, great projects where do you find time to post them all! I can’t express how much fun your class seems. I would love to be there!


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