s is for skyscraper

masking tape strips on our unit blocks encouraged tower building. i turned one of our mirrors over to give a hard cement-colored surface.

S week • preschool 0809

S week • preschool 0809S week • preschool 0809

we collected cartons and boxes for making our own skyscrapers.

S week • preschool 0809

it looked like christmas eve watching ms. vilia wrap all the cartons with manila paper.

S week • preschool 0809

then the children cut and glued windows in as straight of rows as possible .

we poked skewers in the top using tape on the end as radio antennas (and as an attempt to avoid getting eyes poked out).

S week • preschool 0809

we introduced the concept of a “story” being a book but also being the floor of a building or house.

S week • preschool 0809 by you.S week • preschool 0809 by you.S week • preschool 0809 by you.

this project was strips of paper (with windows pre-drawn by me and photocopied) that were glued together. preschoolers could choose to make their skyscraper have as many stories as they like. some children (like my own) stopped after the second story.

S week • preschool 0809

the children’s skyscrapers were correlated with their ages. i didn’t expect that. the younger ones simply stopped sooner and got back to work time (free choice time in the classroom). the pre-k kids stayed the longest.

S week • preschool 0809

they would run up and down the hall getting more paper strips and glue. we had to make more copies twice. they were counting their stories over and over.

S week • preschool 0809

i think there was succes for some in making their skyscraper taller than they are.

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