r is for routine (more!)

um, teddy will get to do messy projects and daily show and tell as well!

project time

show and tell time

p.s.  thank you for all your enthusiasm about these photo schedule cards.  i encourage you to do it!

r is for routine

these are our new schedule cards.  they are photos of teddy in our new classroom.  each photo has a magnet strip on the back so we can easily rearrange our day as needed.  while things may be in a different order, these are parts of each school day.  the children also enjoy rearranging them (like eating snack and then washing hands.  funny stuff.)

circle timeproject time

work timework time

work timemusic time

work timejournal time

snack timename card time

book timeclean up time

cubby timewashing time

outside timeDAILY ROUTINE to post by you.

click here to see daily routine hand out bigger!

p is for preschool

i’ve been consumed with organizing, moving in, phone calls, computer work.  i’ve had to pick and choose my jobs based on how much time i have.  but by now i’ve turned in all the forms i can turn in, i’ve made all the calls i can.  now we wait for official papers to be returned.  and i wait for more moments like these:

here are some former, current and future preschoolers playing during ms. viliya’s farewell open house.

let the joy of exploration begin.