b is for busy

IMG_1911.JPG by you.IMG_2034.JPG by you.

these children are so busy, so happy, so constructive.  with this being our first year back at our church building after 7 years away, i’ve wondered how the children will use the space.

IMG_1907.JPG by you.IMG_2092.JPG by you.

i can set up equipment and arrange tables, but i’ve been eager to see which corners they gravitate to, which tables they move on their own.  i’m learning where i put things when we moved (like the circle time bell and certain CDs)…

it’s a gift to have space to move within.  it has been busy.

7 thoughts on “b is for busy

  1. I love to hear educators say they can set up the enviornment but they need to see how the children will use it. Such a great model! It does look like a beautiful space. We are in a new space this year and the teachers are taking their time learning how to use it with the children.


  2. What a beautiful space. Do you do a big clean up with the kids at the end of your time or just you and your assistant staighten up before you leave?? Also, it seems like you give the kids an endless supply of art material or open-ended materials… which I think is great. My question is… do you have a limit for them, do you say when it’s gone it’s gone?? I run a smaller in-home daycare/preschool program and want to be able to provide that oppurtunity to the kids to explore until they are satisfied. Do I keep replenishing or is their a time when enough is enough?? I have noticed with my newer kids, they are absolutely stunned that I will allow them to do more than 1 painting or mix the playdoh colors… so they keep going, watching me for a reaction. I know that at these times they are experimenting with me and where the boundaries are. How would you handle this kind of situation?? I hope you don’t mind my asking, I know your busy, but I love your blog and what you do with your students and your own children. I respect your advice. Thanks in advance!!!


    1. michelle, i keep waiting until i have “more time” to write….but i’m afraid that won’t happen! : )

      thanks for your questions…your ideas….your passion for your own work.

      i must say that i prefer to do activities where we do have “enough” for kids to go all out. if i only have enough for each child to have one feather, i might opt to make one group project instead. i love seeing children enjoy the experience of abundance. of course that isn’t always possible. in that case, i would make it a one on one activity so the limit is more easily kept. then the focus becomes less on exploration and more on the task at hand (which is also valuable!).

      it is definitely a matter of teaching style. this “all or nothing” teaching is part of my personality too (not always good, i know).

      just today, when i could give each child a bottle of glue to help with our class blue collage, their faces of delight were all i needed. one little guy called out, “wow! we’ll never run out of glue!”

      i am also aware of the balance with responsibility and not wasting what we have.

      so, it’s always a dance. every moment is an opportunity to teach something…and to learn something too!


      1. Kristin,
        Thank you so much for the reply… I feel the same way and yet second guess myself a lot. Which is good in some ways and bad in others, it always keeps me on my toes that’s for sure. It is always a learning curve… watching, learning, changing and always growing. I look forward to your blog and learn so much from it… Thanks!! Michelle


  3. I know those children!
    oh, how i miss new Creation Preschool!
    Ms.Kristin, when will we be meeting on skype? let’s set a time to do that, that will be interesting :)
    please say hi for the kids and for your new teacher friend :)



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