d is for dog collar

IMG_3645.JPG by you.

back in d week, children were invited to bring stuffed dogs to school. we used duct tape (THANK YOU FAMILIES FOR YOUR DONATIONS!!!) to fashion collars and leashes.

IMG_3512.JPG by you.

so that we wouldn’t get fur sticky, we folded the duct tape in half the length of the collar and leash, then used a little piece of duct tape to fasten.

IMG_3358.JPG by you.

it was very serious work. a lot of talking to the dog owners about dog gender and dog names.  there were many times the conversation went something like, “is it a girl?”  “no”  “oh, is it a boy?”  “no, it’s a dog.”  of course.

IMG_3630.JPG by you.

a lot of talking to the dogs, reassuring them that it wouldn’t hurt to get a collar put on, that we were almost done, etc.

this was one of those activities that provided a natural one-on-one experience between teacher and child.

IMG_3355.JPG by you.

IMG_3707.JPG by you.

and the collars with name tags came in handy when twin dogs came to school. : )

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