w is for we wish you well

when children arrive at preschool, they find their name tags (which have a magnet on back) and stick it over their photo on our Picture Board (a cookie sheet with photos on it.  the photos also have magnets on the back which lets the children rearrange the photos as they like).

when we gather for our first circle time, we take time to notice if there is a photo with no name tag on it.  if so, we hide their photo with a paper heart (also with a magnet on back).

then we whisper their name in our hands, clench them tightly together and say, “we wish you well!” while throwing our hands over our heads.

it’s one of my favorite rituals of the day.

4 thoughts on “w is for we wish you well

  1. Don’t you just love cookie sheets in the classroom, and I love your idea, as usual, I’m putting this into my BOI..(Book of Ideas)

    Have a great weekend!


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