p is for present (for our families)

if you are a preschool family and you haven’t opened one of these, go check your child’s backpack and don’t read further!

:: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

back when we painted our stars, we also painted these from discount school supply.

then we used the same photos as we use on our picture board.

ms. carol acted as “glitter fairy” one morning and added beautiful glitter designs.

then there was name writing and ornament wrapping.  when preschoolers are learning to “write” their names, i always emphasize the importance of scribbling, not perfect letter formation.  when children ask for traditional letter formation help, i “write” it first with my fingernail which leaves a little indentation as a guide.  but one of my favorite stages is when i call out their name letter by letter and the children make little scribble marks for each letter.

really sweet.

b is for bell


more thrifted wooden pieces, a bit of pipe cleaner, a jingle bell, watercolors and GLITTER!




we used a couple of techniques to get glitter on:  glue and shaking it on and dipping the wet paint bell in a cup of glitter.  both worked fine.


and yes, we have glitter all over the room (and i am guessing in back packs and homes too).

p is for pajamas

on our christmas celebration days we wore our pajamas.

pajama day

there were books read, songs sung, poems chanted, candy canes hunted for, and cookies eaten.

pajama daypajama daypajama daypajama daypajama daypajama day

thank you, families, for sharing your children with us!

pajama day

c is for cat


what fun to have a cat visit our tuesday/thursday class.  thank you, lucy, for this special show and tell!


it was fun to watch sesame explore the classroom…






come back again, sesame!