j is for juice store

we’ve had this cash register for a couple of years.  the locked drawer has always puzzled (and irritated) some of us.  what is in there?  is the key in there?  is there still money in there?  why would someone give away the cash register without a key?  should we break it?  should we call a worker?

we had mr. rob in for our turkey time.  he had his tools.  he opened the drawer.


now there is a little string to pull to open the drawer.  just in time for our juice store.


would you like giant or small?  we open at 20 thirty and every cup costs one hundred dollars.


thank you, mr. rob.

:: :: :: ::

i think this is the last round of too-small, low resolution photos that i salvaged from the trash!

5 thoughts on “j is for juice store

  1. First of all….what a BLESSING your site has been for me! I’m in my last year of school for early childhood education and this has given me loads of ideas and inspiration. Thank you!

    Love the cash register and love the prices and sizings. Hilarious!


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