p is for puzzle tricks

i haven’t done this before, but it proved to be the lure for some kids.  this time of year it is harder for me to provide an indoor environment that helps kids “land.”

water days - 07

i taped down three lines of our biggest puzzle and that was enough to pull them in.

water days - 08

some kids said it was “easier” and some said it was “harder.”

water days - 09


:: :: :: ::

the other trick i often do is pull several puzzles and dump them all out in one pile or one basket.  this week was W week:

water days - 10

:: :: :: ::

one more puzzle trick (with no photo) is that when i’ve found all our puzzles with the pieces dumped out (and loaded into trucks or purses or the mailbox), it works well to turn it into a group activity.  i line up the puzzle boards, put on some music and we work f-a-s-t to put them together.

3 thoughts on “p is for puzzle tricks

  1. I’ve never seen the idea of taping down parts of a large floor puzzle. What a great trick to get them involved. I’ll be using this, too!


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