c is for calendar trick

we check our calendar every morning (after we wish each other well).  usually we are trying to figure out a pattern along with what number will come next.  i’ve started drawing the month’s calendar each month instead of using a purchased one.  i think i did that in february when i wanted to draw hearts around the number in different colors.

for may we hid the numbers with post it stars.  when the child’s name was on the star, they came and took it off.  my, my that was exciting.  i think i’ll do that in september as well…perfect for when we’re trying to learn each other’s names.

w is for water transfer

i had two tubs, water in one, and a bunch of small tools (mini droppers, spoons, pvc pipe, straws, ladles, etc.).  the challenge was to move the water from one tub to the next without picking up the tub or getting any other tools.

by the way, the oily film you see on the water is from an organic mint extract i used (thinking it would just add a nice smell…i won’t use it again).

w is for (made up) words

i’d never done this activity before….maybe because i had never been given a stack of letter stickers (the kind used for mailboxes, etc).

the kids were encouraged to put the letter stickers in a row to make up a word and we would read them at circle time.  i didn’t realize there were number and symbol stickers along with the letters, but that only made the words even more silly.

this would be a simple way to demonstrate the function of vowels.  one little girl realized that when she put an “o” between other letters, it sounded like a “real word.”  way to go!  though it wasn’t our focus, some kids knew words already and had fun adding those to their papers.

i don’t know who had more fun:  the kids listening to the made up words or us teachers trying to pronounce them.

h is for hospitality

if you were an adult who came in on a certain morning towards the end of the school year, you were met with a free coffee cart.

we have coffee made every day and there are some families who have time to drink a quick cup.  this day that was made a little easier by the kids “serving” coffee as families entered the classroom.  as the morning went on, preschoolers would wheel the cart to me and ms. carol to refill our cups.

again, REAL WORK is so satisfying.