a is for apple pie

apple pie making - 4

in case you find one of these in your preschooler’s backpack and are tempted to eat it, stop.  : )  it’s only paper, paint and cinnamon.  it smells like an apple pie, but would not taste like an apple pie.

apple pie making - 5

we giggled quite a bit at the thought of mama or papa or sister cutting a slice and biting down.

apple pie making - 6

white plate = crust, red paint = apples, cinnamon =  cinnamon.

apple pie making - 1

we did this project after reading (or me quickly choosing about four essential pages because i was LOSING the crowd!) the apple pie tree. there was an awareness that if we peeled the apples like they did in the book, our paint should be a yellowish white.  good point.

apple pie making - 3

breathe deep and imagine that cinnamon, folks.

apple pie making - 2

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