b is for ball rolling

ball rolling - 04

when your teacher plans an activity to roll balls down the paint box but the paint is too think and the balls too light, make sure you have another teacher strong enough to pick the box up.

ball rolling - 09

“go mr rob!  go mr rob!  go mr rob!”

ball rolling - 01

ball rolling - 10

ball rolling - 05

ball rolling - 06ball rolling - 07

ball rolling - 08ball rolling - 03ball rolling - 02

ah, yes, adaptability is key.

3 thoughts on “b is for ball rolling

  1. Hi there, I live in South Africa and came accross your blog on the Crafty Crow. I have a playschool so I enjoy seeing all the things you do at your school.
    For the ball rolling activity I find using a “beer box” (the box that the six packs are stored in at the bottle store) is just the right size, if you cannot source those then a cat litter tray is also good. They are big enough to fit an A3 size piece of paper but light enough for 1 child to manipulate on his/her own. Obviously the boxes would not cost anything whereas the litter trays would.
    I liked the see-saw idea too though and is a good co-operation exercise!


    1. ha! i had to go back and look THREE times before i could see gustav with the mirror! i know exactly what he was doing: watching the process in the mirror. : )

      “big g” is what we’ve started calling him. ; )



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