g is for ghost

around halloween time at preschool we “pretend” to be scared a lot. it’s kind of therapeutic even for me. so let me tell you….oooooooo, when these ghosts hang in the tree they look spoooooooooooooky.


we started this project time with a bit of conversation based on the question:  what do you know about ghosts?

they aren’t real.
they are only in movies and books.
they can fly in the air and in trees.
they are invisible or white.
they are not the same as spirits.
they are made up by people.
there is a holy ghost.
dogs will bark if they see one.
they aren’t mean.
they won’t hurt you.
they are like angels.
they are scaaaaaaaaaaary.
they say “boo!”
they aren’t mean, their job is to be spooky.

after clarifying those points, we made some.



with a slightly clear trash bag, balled up paper towel and a bit of masking tape, we had some ghosts that really flew. this was a great activity for using up some energy!  outside the wind caught them.  inside we made a G target to aim for.


p.s. another thing that might seem scary is that grown up in red clothes and blue hair. it might have been me…or mr rob.


(more on THIS to come)

b is for birthday rituals

birthday rituals - 03birthday rituals - 01birthday rituals - 02

at the beginning of the year we added stickers, ribbon, fabric and tape to our birthday chair.  this chair waits at circle time until there is a birthday to celebrate.  when there is, the ritual is always the same:


first the preschooler gets a sticker with his/her birthdate on it.  they can put it on or save it.  then we count out the number of cupcakes per year.

birthday rituals - 09

then we write the numbers and say things like, “when you were one you were probably learning to stand up and maybe say things like mama or dada.  when you were two you were almost for sure walking and falling down a lot.  when you were three you started coming to preschool.  the last time we saw you you were four and today you are five!”

then comes the most exciting part of all.  the birthday child sits in the birthday chair and answers the question:  do you want the chair to fly?  if so, up comes mr. rob.  it is music that powers the birthday chair, so we have to start singing “happy birthday.”

birthday rituals - 05

then the chair flies!

birthday rituals - 07

it’s fun to look up since we have mirrors on the ceiling at circle time.  i always hope mr rob doesn’t hurt his back.

birthday ritual

we countdown from their new age and the chair lands.

then it is snack time.  we always listen to tom chapin’s version of happy birthday.

birthday rituals - 08

the birthday child sits in the birthday chair and eats. ahhhhhh, we love birthday days.

birthday rituals - 10

e is for play dough eggs

a basic white playdoh (i actually made it with kool aid that happened to be clear) and yellow easter egg halves.

eggs! - 14

the preschoolers used the egg halves to make fried eggs, they filled the plastic eggs, the used the plastic eggs as a mold, etc.

eggs! - 15eggs! - 01

e is for egg

eggs! - 18

to practice that cutting-on-the-line skill, we cut the egg white (now that we know how to turn the egg white white!) and added a big yellow sticker for the yolk.

eggs! - 11

eggs! - 07

the stickers were cut from a roll of adhesive stuff found at the thrift shop.  it was nice and shiny.

eggs! - 12eggs! - 08eggs! - 09

eggs! - 10