g is for guess who!?!?!?

preschoolers were invited to wear costumes for the week before halloween.  since we have at least one new child each day, we didn’t want anyone to miss out.  so, all week we looked like this:


every day at circle time i drew an attempted representation of each child’s costume.  some were met with pretty heavy criticism.  i took it okay.



i didn’t get mad, but things did get a little scary:




good thing mr rob brought his guitar to get things cozy again:



there were some solos and some duets.


we went on through our days as usual.  not until i saw these photos did i realize how silly it all looked.


oh, happy dress up days.  the complete “guess who drawing” to be posted soon.



3 thoughts on “g is for guess who!?!?!?

  1. Your pictures make me happy – This preschool looks like so much fun, and it gives me ideas for home sometimes too! Wish we lived near you. Thanks for sharing!!


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