m is for martin luther king jr wrap up

UPDATED 1/11/12 to add a copy of the printable!

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we made collage faces again this year starting with group painting a paper covered table.


we stepped over to another table to make hand prints (and sneak a moment with the book).


yes!  lots of brown paper:  just what we need to make our collage faces the next time we come:


:: :: :: ::

we ended the week with watercolor painting.


i had some of these little people sticks that seemed good for this week.


(tip:  when we use these kind of watercolors, i have some that are kept “clean” and some that are mixed.  some children simply are not ready to rinse each time.  we talk about “dancing the brush on the bottom of the cup” in between colors.  then a quick rinse under the tap has them all clean again.)


how honored i am to have 68 little hands in my life each week.

34 thoughts on “m is for martin luther king jr wrap up

  1. thank you for sharing. my heart opens to you words and i easily commit to changing my approach.

    even though i am confident that my intent is only to increase love of self and others, i absolutely believe that good intentions don’t always fall that way.

    so thank you. and i’m choosing to edit this post as well.

    warmly and in commitment to peace, kristin


    1. ha! i couldn’t remember or find it in my plans, but when i looked really closely i remembered:

      “I can change the world with my own two hands.
      I can _________________________________.”

      (they thought of something helpful that they can do with their own two hands. : )


  2. I also love the “my own two hands” project. It would be perfect for a community day in our K5 this Friday. Could you make a copy available? I found your post through another site.


  3. I also love this Song/Printable! Is there any way to get a copy as well?! I’ve looked around on the Preschool Daze site and this is the only place I’ve found it. Thank you so much! I would love to use it with my PSCD students!


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