p is for pen pal


we’ve been enjoying our letters from our pen pals.



looking at the writing was fascinating to us.



then it was time to write our pen pals back.


they asked us what we like to do at home and we had a lot of ideas.


we looked at their blog together and then wrote a group letter…full of love.




finding out that most of our pen pals speak chinese and that ms. wendi is learning chinese, we tried “google translate.”


now THAT was a good time.  i highly recommend it.  especially if you turn on the audio feature.


10 thoughts on “p is for pen pal

  1. I am so inspired by your idea & am thinking about doing something similar. Do you have each friend linked up with a a specific friend at the other school to write with?


    1. that would have been great too! but no, we simply did our whole school with their whole school. we have different groupings of kids each day and it was easiest for us that way.

      : )

      do it!


  2. I just found your blog on babble — love it!! GREAT IDEAS. We’re be focusing on the letter “P” next week — so I’ll be browsing here for more things to do. Thank you for this blog!! I’m voting for you!


    1. hey! thank you! glad to know i’m part of that babble thing! : )

      glad to have found your blog now too…this every widening blogland is my greatest source of inspiration!

      thanks again.


  3. this is so much fun! when our next batch of mail is ready to send off, we are going to take a mini field trip to the neighborhood post office. some of the kids are already talking about telling the new creation kids all about… kindergarten! :)


  4. So I LOVE reading your blog!! I am a Pre-K teacher in PA and was wondering how you go about finding these penpals for your kiddos?! It is such an awesome Idea, I think my students would really enjoy something like this!

    -Thanks! Meg :)


    1. you know, we found each other right here in blogland.

      i think you could go to a blog you like and ask!

      : )


  5. Inspirational! I wish I had viewed this before I taught my college class tonight – it was on language development! I may have to show them next week anyway!


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