c is for cookie


i have several kids who LOVE worksheets.  i think i would have been one of those kids too.  kind of like how i like to fill out forms…the order, the finality of it…i love it.  so, those kids loved our journal cookie worksheet offered this week.  there is a list of the letters at the bottom for children to find and circle the letter of the week.

:: :: :: :: ::


meanwhile there were cookies being made, sold and “eaten” from cinnamon spice play-dough (regular play-dough recipe with a bit of  cinnamon vanilla added).


:: :: :: :: ::


there was also some cookie sprinkle cutting going on.  this was fantastic scissor practice!


:: :: :: :: ::

then to frost our paper cookies, we didn’t use paintbrushes, we didn’t use our hands, we didn’t use toothbrushes (all guesses from the children)…we used knives!  just like we were really spreading frosting!


then a trip across the room to “mr. sprinkle” who added the previously snipped sprinkles to our wet paint.


good cookie times!

7 thoughts on “c is for cookie

  1. I love the multiple explorations of this cookie/c theme. Love it! I have always liked certain kinds of worksheets. I remember being sleepy one day during a retail job in a bookstore, just wishing I could sit down with a coffee in a cushy seat and fill out every last inch of the Wayne Dyer “Feel Good” workbook I was shelving. I ought to give myself that privilege.



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