g is for glo stick lanterns…and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

glo stick lanterns

i’ve seen these on line for quite some time…i thought they were made with glow in the dark paint…but then i found some made with glo sticks!  i don’t know if they’ll last minutes or hours…but they are fun, fun, fun!


fabric strips knotted on each end, masking tape, baby food jar (and kids who love to eat peach baby food…though they never ate baby food as actual babies!), and glo sticks.


cut the glo stick open (i used a knife), pour some of the glo stick liquid in the jar, close up the jar, tape over the lid/jar seal to prevent leaks, tape the fabric strip handle on (the knot will keep the handle from slipping out), shake and light up the night!


we are storing this made one in the freezer and that makes a cool effect while the frozen liquid melts too!

we’ll take a night time walk tonight as part of our new year’s eve festivities…glo stick lanterns are coming along!


happy new year, all!


g is for goodbye

this week, the busy and cozy week before christmas, has an umbrella of something different. we’re saying goodbye to mr rob who has been in our classroom since fall of 2009.  this friday is his last day.

here is one of the ways we’re saying goodbye:


b is for brick house :: preschool style

we used our donated cardboard brick blocks to make some houses….just like one of the pigs did.

the thing about these blocks is that they are so light and so easy to throw and so easy to kick and so easy to do complete belly flops on to.


so, instead of doing those things full on (because these blocks will break and we really are practicing taking care of our things), we had some controlled brick house build ups and break downs.


enjoy our latest movie…


(and yes, i found a “karaoke” version of the song…realizing that the lyrics were a little much for my sweet preschoolers to be the stars of it).

h is for houses {built by the three little pigs}

we used a cardboard box to paint one day, then added “straw” and “sticks” and “bricks” the next days.


we used it in our retelling the story of the three little pigs, including all the various endings that we knew about.


in the end of our preschool story, the wolf did indeed climb up the side of the house, up to the chimney, started to climb into the chimney (oooooooooooh…..so scary!!!), but the wolf (gender not agreed upon) felt the heat from the fire (because we just learned in our fire safety talks that smoke and heat rise) and that wolf ran fast and far away.  the end.


and then,  having my trust wolf mask from home, we did a little acting out (click for pictures!).  thanks, abram and mabel’s mama, for the pictures that we couldn’t take (since we were too busy being wolves and pigs).