f is for forms and first day of school

i’ve put all the forms for this school year on a permanent page that you can find at the top of this site. we have open houses later this week in preparation for our first day of school on september 6.

the classroom is in transition, there is more to do, the chairs scrubbed, name tags changed, corners dusted, puzzles sorted, dress up clothes washed…soon life and energy will fill the space!

c is for {corrected} calendar

well, here is a calendar post with a corrected and updated calendar…

so if you printed the previous calendar off,  rip it off your fridge, get out your phones and change the dates, delete the original calendar from your computer…and use this one (you’ll know you’re looking at the correct calendar if it says “CORRECTED AND UPDATED 8/8/12” in the upper right corner):