b is for balloon painting

oh yeah.  first time ever.  totally fun.

balloon painting

balloons tied to string and the string tied to big mama snake who was already tied to the ceiling. then regular paint to dip in. the first class had the paint in trays. the next classes had piles directly on the paper (learning curve for me).

balloon painting

(notice our “bus” in the background made with all the chairs we didn’t need!)

i adjusted the length of the string so that the balloons weren’t able to go beyond the table (thinking that might keep paint off passers-by).  the balloons stretch a bit anyway as the kids pulled them down to make prints.

balloon painting

and how amazing: there was blue paint at one end and yellow paint at the other, but woa:  green paint showed up in the middle?!?!?

balloon painting

we sent some of the balloon painting home by cutting the big paper into smaller sections. then we used some of it for another project…stay tuned!

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