e is for election

knowing it is my job to create a safe environment for children, sometimes the most i do is ask questions.

today’s questions:

what do you know about the american flag?

it means nebraksa
it means obama
it’s for a state
it means restaurants
it’s for basketball and football
it’s big
it can have sticks
the president waves it

what do you know about election day?

you get stickers
my grandma does it a lot
voting is for seeing how many times you’ve been boating
my mom and dad will vote for k-state, not obama or romney
my mom voted at ohio state

what do you know about barack obama?

my dad and i know him
he’s the president
my mommy and daddy are voting for him
he’s on my tv talking

what do you know about mitt romney?

he tells obama what he can do
his name is really “mint”
he talks a lot

what do you think the president does?

he holds the flag in a parade when in a car on a trip and talks all the time.

and then we entered this exchange:

mitt romney always says NO
no! obama always says NO
no! obama says YES
no, mitt romney says YES
mitt romney says NO–my mommy says that all the time!
barack obama says NO

…in the end we reached consensus that in fact each candidate has been heard saying YES and NO.

we also heard about one candidate being on their toilet paper at home, but the assumption was that it was because they liked him so much.  we went with that concept.

and finally: what do you think the president should do?

play and draw and come to our school.

go democracy.

c is for chickens

we had some chicks visit during c week.

really, there are a fantastic classroom pet!

some children have experience with these creatures already, and for some this was their “first time ever in my life seeing one of these not in a book.”

c is for chickenc is for chickenc is for chickenc is for chicken

a little chicken movie:

then during e week, i brought an egg laying hen from my house.

c is for chicken

and wonder of all wonders, she LAID AN EGG DURING THE AFTERNOON CLASS!

c is for chicken

i noticed she was pacing in her cage and singing her “egg song,” so we covered her cage with blankets, added another block so she could make a nest and left her alone for the last part of the day.  during show and tell, i peeked in and there was an egg!  we passed it around and i hope i never forget the look of 13 sets of pudgy hands holding a warm egg.

c is for chicken

then, just to verify that eggs don’t come out of the hen with a chick fully formed in it, we broke it (and cooked it the next day).

c is for chicken

and then when the day was over, the chicken had a little free range classroom style:

c is for chicken

thank you, john’s family for the classroom cage!