b is for b journal work

20130930-204506.jpgthis week we took the opportunity to make brown painted handprints from our bear hunt prep, drew with different shades of blue, and recorded our findings from feeling balloons filled with different things…20130930-204449.jpg20130930-204517.jpg20130930-204438.jpg

and our golden letter friends got a sparkly letter Bs on their journals:20130930-204923.jpg


b is for bear hunt

20130928-124336.jpgwell, we worked on this “bear hunt” plan all week. an unplanned part of the week was hunting for our book, we’re going on a bear hunt.20130928-123157.jpgwe never found it but mr matt had the clever idea of looking on line. sure enough, the same book in animated version! click here to watch it. there is some spooky music sometimes, so you should know that.20130928-123042.jpgwe made beautiful brown paint, painted enough paper plates for everyone, let them dry for a day, cut out eye holes, glued on ears and noses, made several graphs…20130928-123509.jpg20130928-123338.jpg20130928-123321.jpgand then finally we were ready to go on our own bear hunts. everyone chose to be a bear or a person or to watch. we did it as often as we could before it was going-home time. here is the cave:20130928-124227.jpg
the family of people:20130928-124240.jpg
the people approaching the cave:20130928-124257.jpg
the chase:20130928-124306.jpgwe recommend that you “go on a bear hunt as long as you are pretending and not teasing real bears and as long as you remember that when the bears get to your house they don’t want to eat you, they want to eat berries and oatmeal so give it to them.”

f is for fine line

20130922-211828.jpgi understand the automatic response to seeing a child draw with markers and smash cars on play dough.

it makes sense to me that a teacher may suggest using the markers on paper, the cars on the rug and other tools with the play dough. but the children who did this in my classroom last week were so constructive and focused, brand new to our classroom, using items that were stored only a few feet apart…so i let it happen. when other children questioned it, i explained that this play dough and markers could go together and that other times we would have play dough and markers that won’t go together. i explained that it works to use the cars in the play dough today and other days they will be other places.
there is a fine squiggly and often changing line between order and rules and respecting property and free expression and the blissful innocence.

and i want them to get it all.

r is for reading

20130922-210701.jpgsome of you may have seen this on facebook already, this beautiful example of spontaneous group learning…they each shared what they knew and added to the moment. I was honored to be there. 20130922-210436.jpg