d is for directions

20131017-213208.jpgwhat I intended to be a friendly direction could have translated into feelings of inadequacy. I know I have the ability to project, to imagine the worst, to create stories before they happen, but as I taped up my first sign, “cut on the lines,” I could easily imagine a large number of children who wouldn’t be able to actually cut on the lines. and it’s not what I meant anyway….I wasn’t asking each child to cut on the line, I was inviting each child to practice cutting on the lines. 20131017-213956.jpgthis is so this is how I teach. projecting, imagining, creating, changing course… all in hopes of empowering and saving dignity…

d is for door ramp

this year more than others I’m instinctively looking for indoor opportunities for us to use our physical selves. climbing over, climbing under, jumping, rolling, etc. 20131017-211338.jpgwe were gifted a small door a couple of years ago. during d week we used it as a climbing ramp. tucked between a wall and a shelf, with added fabric strips for climbing aids, this was a busy corner!20131017-211332.jpgchildren climbed up the door, made it to the top of the shelf and either climbed back down the ramp or jumped off the shelf (we do that all the time!). someone moved the wooden boat on its side as a “step” down…20131017-212108.jpg

t is for tallest tube tower ever

one time at preschool a preschooler told me I wouldn’t be able to add the last cardboard tube to the tower because it would hit the ceiling. take a close look. oh yeah!?!?20131017-212246.jpggood times.

d is for dirt designs

we have been working on our glue bottle skills and last week moved from dots to lines. after making designs with glue, the preschoolers carried their plates to tubs of dirt, covered them with dirt, tipped off the excess dirt and revealed amazing dirt designs!20131017-205359.jpg20131017-205414.jpg

d is for dinosaur and dirt play dough

20131017-204649.jpgthe paper that was covering the table during last week’s butterfly and caterpillar printing had plenty of room left for more paint. 20131017-204708.jpgso I drew a dinosaur shape and we added more paint. 20131017-204729.jpgwe also had our plastic dinosaurs in the play dough…or next to the play dough…or eating play dough food…or pooping play dough poop…or leaving tracks.20131017-205102.jpgI made the “dirt” play dough by replacing some of the flour with cocoa and black pepper. it worked great (until water got in the play dough tub). :)