e is for {super} ears

super ears!!! da-da-da-da-da-daaaaaa!20131114-222234.jpg“it works! things are louder!”
“yeah, my ears are louder now!”
“I can hear things I never heard before!”20131114-222253.jpg
super ears. go make you some.

m is for mama spider

20131114-220819.jpgthe week before halloween was e week. I made a big “spooky” spider web and connected it to the letter e because 1. there is that silly song about the elephants who go out to play upon a spider’s web one day and 2. spiders have egg sacks. masking tape was added all week long. 20131114-220935.jpgtuesday morning we made mama spider out of packaging paper, masking tape and collected sticks for legs.20131114-220841.jpgas the week went on, mama got a white trash bag egg sack and it got filled with babies (made with lunch sacks, masking tape and cardboard legs)!20131114-220853.jpgall the babies ended up going home with preschool friends…a tender farewell to mama was negotiated between several preschoolers and the babies. 20131114-220907.jpg20131114-220920.jpgnow mama hangs from our ceiling and will wait until next fall to hatch another few dozen babies. 20131114-220951.jpg

e is for egg work

20131114-214549.jpgplastic easter eggs inspired some egg work in our journals…as well as a clever “keep your eye on the blue egg” game… 20131114-214611.jpga conversation about eggs proved trickier than I thought it would. 20131114-214730.jpgand then the egg drawing begins…20131114-214747.jpg20131114-214802.jpg