c is for candles in the classroom

20140827-085420.jpgI bought 8 of these flameless candles for the classroom, imagining how cozy snack time and story time and block building and boat riding and drawing could be with a little glow.
20140827-085209.jpgI’ve decided to keep the “try me” wiring for awhile and have them in the science corner. I taped them to a long board from the block corner and we’re set. 20140827-090848.jpg
fun. fun. fun.

my job saves me.

2014-2015 forms


get your keyboard ready (or see kristin for paper copies) and sign up!

click here for a link to our school calendar if you need it!

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want to bring snack?

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want to bring birthday treats?

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want to bring play dough?

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interested in volunteering? read more and sign up here:

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want your child to be in classroom photos? internet/photo release:

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required forms from the state of kansas:

click here and here to download.

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whew! now go outside and take a deep breath!


j is for journal

I just bought 40+ composition books…excited for another year of journal work.

here’s a post from years back…

journals - 15

at the end of the school year each child took home a rainbow wrapped book of memories (and lots of dried glue).

journals - 14

each child starts the school year with a blank journal.  we’ve used the “composition books” for the past few years.  their names and/or photo are on the cover.

journals - 12

a guided activity is made available to preschoolers most days.  children are also allowed to work in their journal anytime they want to.

journals - 08

one year we started each day with journal time.  one year we ended each day with journal time.  one year we had a journal table.  i’m not sure what next year will hold.

one thing that is unique about journal work is that a teacher is almost always very involved.   most of our activities are explained and demonstrated by a teacher, but then children are set loose.

journals - 11

in this case, a teacher was there to help keep that quarter still.  we ended up taping the quarter in.  at the last day of school, one little friend found a quarter still in her journal!

journals - 10

for this project it was holding the cookie cutter down while tracing happened.

journals - 09

there are times we’ll save work and glue or tape it in journals as well.

journals - 07

a self portrait (or portraits in this case) is always done.

journals - 06

journals - 02

we practice number writing and letter writing too.

journals - 03

teachers write dictations as children like it.  one way we ask the question is:  “is there anything you want to pretend this is?”  as many of you know, when asking a preschool child, “what is it?” h/she will often freeze up.  but pretending is often easier.

journals - 04

i’ve got a new stash of journals, all clean and smooth waiting for another stash of preschoolers.

journals - 01