a is for alligator

we did some talk about alligators vs crocodiles. we measured out the length of real alligators with tape in the floor. we sang songs about alligators. we mixed blue and yellow to make green. we arranged stuffed alligators by size. we saw two real alligator heads at show and tell.

and then we made alligator tails. construction paper glued together which meant a lot of pressing and counting to make them stick.

then the option to attach with duct tape turned a lot of preschool humans into preschool alligators.

there was a lot of talk on how to walk up the stairs together with all of our long alligator tails. I was the alligator vet on site to repair any tips or tears. I didn’t get a lot of business!

“I can’t believe I’m bigger than a baby alligator-in real life!”