2017-2018 forms


dear families of the 2017-2018 school year…here are the forms! there are optional online forms for bringing snack, bringing play dough and a photo release. there are state required forms (the authorization for emergency medical care and the medical record forms) that are required on your child’s first day of preschool. we are also offering automated payment plans for tuition, look for that information in a separate email. let me know if you have any questions.


(recipes following sign up form)

1970s Play Dough

2 c flour

4 t cream of tartar

1 c salt

2 T oil

2 c water

food coloring

boil water.  add salt and oil and stir til dissolved.  add remaining ingredients and stir/knead/mix in mixer.  can add additional flour as needed.  can also add essential oils or extracts for scent.

Kool-Aid Play Dough

1 pkg kool-aid

2 T oil

1 c water

1/4 cup salt

2 cups flour

heat water to boiling, add kool-aid and salt.  stir til dissolved.  add oil and flour.  knead in additional flour as needed.




returning families will review forms from last year at the Parent Meeting/Open House to make any changes necessary. there is one form that needs to be completed every year for every child:

FOR RETURNING PRESCHOOLERS: click on the following form or this link to download. you can either print out and bring me the hard copy, or email it to me for me to print out.

FOR NEW PRESCHOOLERS: click on the following forms or this link to download the medical record form. if your preschooler is already in a childcare facility/home, you can bring in a copy of these completed forms.


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