k week

k week merged with our last week before christmas which worked well for the annual “what makes a king a king” talk.

our alphabet box was a tricky one: four locks and 13 keys…tricky, tricky.

you can see it in action here:

this tape work kept some friends engaged for a long, long time.

and then we had the annual “which baby will be baby jesus for our games?” voting.


h week

h week brought new friendships expressed in heart cards, helping hand talks, paper hair cutting, and perhaps the greatest joy of all: a baby named harvey for show and tell.

as usual, the week is best captured in our work time movie:

and yes, we had a lot of talk about not cutting your ACTUAL hair or anyone else’s ACTUAL hair, just the paper hair of our hairy head paper friends:

and in the days following the evident division in our nation, this project was healing:

the weather made it easy to be outside, including an impromptu back step of the church show and tell. this photo captured the moment pastor derrick was spotted across the yard. he ended up squeezing in to see the show and tell goodness.

thank you to a mama for capturing our end of the day parachute leaf play.

fear not, these young children to how to make the world better, kinder, more peaceful:


j week

j week was full of jewels and candy canes that looked like the letter J and jingle bells. we jumped and juggled. and we watched the calendar change which means we finished with brown month and started with red month. whew!

we made baby jesus ornaments with the acorns from our november tub table.

and we started gathering our dolls and giving them cloth diapers in preparation for them being baby jesus. fozzie was a wonderful caretaker.

i wrote the conversation about “what we know about the christmas story” and underlined the J words. this evolved into spontaneous christmas story plays.

also, it got cold this week: