AMAZON WISH LIST – Stickers, magnetic fish, soccer balls, masking tape, laminating sheets, dot stickers, plastic eggs with letters, sensory tiles, post it notes, crackers, masks, duct tape…Our Amazon Wish List is available for people who want to purchase items for our programming. It is updated regularly with items big and small, boring and exciting, inexpensive and expensive. If you are looking for another way to support and engage with the preschool, follow this link.

DONATION for SUPPLIES – PRESCHOOL FUND – This money will go in a fund to buy materials and equipment for our Preschool program. While helping support our online programming, this money is also used for purchasing items in anticipation of safely reopening our building for on-site preschool.

DONATION for FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE – TUITION FUND – This money will go directly to allow families who have requested Financial Assistance to participate in our program for free or a reduced rate.


• AMAZON WISH LIST: click here

• PAY PAL: click here

• VENMO: @Kristin-NewCreationPreschool

• CASH or CHECK mailed to

New Creation Preschool
221 Muse Street
Newton KS 67114

Thank you, dear community for bringing more life, love and laughter to young children’s lives.


From August 2021:

On August 3, 2021, based on the level of community spread and concerns about COVID-19, the decision was made to offer remote only preschool for the 2020-2021 school year. We will work closely with our local health department and health officials as we consider opening for in person preschool beyond that point.

As many of you know, Ms Kristin has been offering free online Circle Times since March 2020 and added take home materials in the form of Play Day Boxes for June-August. We are continuing to offer those services along with a few more options.

We had over 50 children who have enrolled in our 2020-2021 Prechool at Home program. Each will receive a Box of the Month September-May. Inside are school supplies, holiday and seasonal items, poems and books to use with free Circle Times on our Facebook page. Some children are enrolled to receive Letter of the Week packets also receive non perishable snacks and activity supplies as well as private Zoom classes with peers and Ms Kristin. As part of our commitment to offering rich early childhood experiences, we provide high quality items and food. This adds to our cost but it also adds to the value of their experience.

We are continuing an online preschool program for 2021-2022.

As always, families are encouraged to request Financial Assistance based on their own financial realities. We believe that income and number of people in the home are not the only factors to consider. Medical bills, lack of insurance, rising costs and debt contribute greatly to a family’s inability to pay. Since New Creation Preschool began in 1994, our practice has been finding tuition levels based on need. We recognize that bringing this unconventional view into reality can feel like an awkward dance at first. The simplest way to say it is: in the end, we want children here and families pay what they can.

We are only able to do these things thanks to donations. As a non-profit program, we’ve relied on this financial participation since 1994. If you are interested in supporting us financially, there are several options.

TOGETHER APART BOOK: The New Creation Preschool pandemic story, Together apart, is available for purchase on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats. Thanks to donors, we were able to purchase a book for every 2020-2021 preschooler.


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