e is for egg shells

thanks to many families (and panera) we had enough egg shells to crush and glue on cardboard eggs.

egg shells 0809.JPG by you.

the crushing seemed really therapeutic.

crushing egg shells 0809.JPG by you.

the freedom to use as much glue as needed was fun (in one morning we used 4 bottles).  this is reminiscent of the nut piles we made last year.

egg shells and glue 0809.JPG by you.

egg shell e 0809.JPG by you.

this activity was clearly an emphasis on the process (though the end product is pretty cool) and we were able to extend our conversation of our 5 senses as we worked.

egg shell egg 0809.JPG by you.

we could see the egg shells, feel them, hear them crunch, smell them (thankfully they were washed well) but we did not taste them (we tasted an egg earlier in the day). : )

e week snack 0809.JPG by you.

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