i is for ice milk

we had a fun time measuring and counting making ice milk. quite simply this is chocolate milk and strawberry milk poured in ice cube trays with mini craft sticks set in. we have some made with water for those who can’t drink milk because “if i do i will be sick.” they are in the preschool freezer as i write! we’ve added a picture note on our calendar so we remember to taste it on the right day.

making ice milk by you.

making ice milk

we offered a simple drawing project during work time. when given a page with a paper cone glued on, preschoolers drew circle shaped scoops. then of course there is the writing of words, the counting of scoops, the making up of flavors, the color recognition, the color blending, and adding a cherry on top so we know when the ice cream cone is done.

i is for ice cream 0809 by you.

we continued with the ice milk theme for our journal time. we practiced at circle time first using two short craft sticks and one regular craft stick to make a capital i. then we went to our journals and glued them in as a capital i shape.

stick is

ice milk stick i

journal work

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