i is for igloo

with rolls of thrifted white fabric, we turned one of our cozy corners into an igloo.

igloo sign

the roof didn’t last terribly long, but that way there was more fabric to be used as “snow blankets.”

snow blanket girls

we also did a 2 part project one day.

ice block work

when children arrived, they come to the project table to help snip white strips of paper.  we made the strips wide enough so that it would require more than one snip to cut off a piece.  if we saw children struggling with this, we cut the strip the long way so all they had to do was make one snip and ta-da!  an ice block!

then later in the day, we glued the ice blocks into an igloo shape.

igloo work

some igloos were just the outline and others were filled in completely.

igloo work


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