g is for grass

easter basket grass by you.

we did this to fill our brown bag and ribbon easter baskets, but this could be used for any spring project.

easter basket grass by you.

i told the class i didn’t have any of the plastic easter grass so what would we do?  cut our own?  oops, raining (that was handy).  and oops, this was the same day we pretended we didn’t have scissors.  then i told them we would use a machine. oooooooooo.

easter basket grass by you.

i can’t believe i haven’t done this sooner.  we talked safety rules and why this was okay to do at preschool.  we talked about rules if they have one of these at home or if they see one somewhere (that they must ask a grown up first, etc).  we looked at the cutting part and saw that it wasn’t knives or scissors at all.  we looked at the opening and saw that a finger can’t fit in.

easter basket grass

then we shredded paper.

easter basket grass

look at those faces.

easter basket grass

it was delightful to say the least.

easter basket grass

they waited their turn, then chose a shade of green and turned it into grass!

easter basket grass


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