e is for earth day

earth day

when i say EARTH DAY, you say EVERY DAY!

earth day

we were graced with beautiful weather and moved as many of our preschool activities outside as we could.

earth day earth day

earth dayearth day

earlier in the week we did a two-part project of painting earths.

earth day

first the children painted green land masses (VERY tricky to not paint the whole plate green!).

earth day

later in the day we added in blue water AROUND the green land.

earth day

and since it is X week and we are looking for treasure all week, some glitter was added.

earth dayearth day

this planet really is a treasure.

happy earth day 2009.

:: :: :: ::

earth day 2010 here.

4 thoughts on “e is for earth day

  1. very cute… I used your painted plate ideal with my toddlers and preschoolers in my childcare… Darn I didn’t have green glitter but we did use green and blue paint…they are drying now…Thank you for the cute ideal…

    Sincerely Miss MaryAnn of MaryAnn’s Little learners!


  2. I have to ask, do you use early childhood books for inspiration or are you just that AWESOME?

    You are also a very good photographer!

    Great projects all around.



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