m is for move

another phase of the move is done.

loaded up

we are returning to our church (where we were in operation for 7 years) after nearly 7 more years at the retirement home.

moving ne

it is a bittersweet transition…but we are definitely “coming home.”

moving day

thank you to the nearly 40 helpers we had ranging in age from 3 to 80-some.

2 thoughts on “m is for move

  1. oh my – m.e.m.o.r.i.e.s. – was that 7 years ago??? holy cow! i am happy for you – may you enjoy this next stage of life’s adventure!!


  2. Is this a far move? From your posts I think you would probably need about, what?, 5 large moving trucks? :) I hope you all had a good day. It’s great to move with friends and it sound like you had a lot.



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