f is for family corner

family corner

still moving in, though this is clearly the nesting phase….my favorite.

family corner

i know we’ll hear this “door” open and close many times.

family corner

this family corner will also serve as a play area on sundays. this means that we’ll leave this set up as is (unlike other shelves/tables that we will move against the walls).

family cornerfamily cornerfamily corner

i like the term “family corner” more than “dramatic play” or “play kitchen” or “housekeeping.” hopefully i will actually get used to calling it that.

family corner

UPDATED: as i look at these photos, i remember what our family corner used to look like (plastic kitchen sets, hand me down soft chairs, a green braided rug from someone’s basement, a shelf with layers of paint…). in early 2002 a fire destroyed our classroom which resulted in all new (and matching!!!) equipment. i am so grateful for these high quality and beautiful props for our play.

6 thoughts on “f is for family corner

  1. I love this! My daughters would be so thrilled to play in a space like that. Actually, I even want to play there. :) I am consistently in awe of your preschool. You create such a magical place for children to learn.


  2. I love the term “family corner”! It’s definitely a favorite in our preschool. I love how you have yours set up, and that everything matches. I’d love to get rid of our plastic multi-colored sink/stove for wooden. Slowly, we are having less plastic in the room.



  3. I love the gate you have around your family corner. I would love to get something like this for our family area too. This looks like such a warm and welcoming place.



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