r is for routine

these are our new schedule cards.  they are photos of teddy in our new classroom.  each photo has a magnet strip on the back so we can easily rearrange our day as needed.  while things may be in a different order, these are parts of each school day.  the children also enjoy rearranging them (like eating snack and then washing hands.  funny stuff.)

circle timeproject time

work timework time

work timemusic time

work timejournal time

snack timename card time

book timeclean up time

cubby timewashing time

outside timeDAILY ROUTINE to post by you.

click here to see daily routine hand out bigger!

22 thoughts on “r is for routine

  1. This HAS to be the CUTEST and BEST schedule EVER!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope you don’t mind me borrowing the idea when I get my own class!!!! :)


  2. I burst out laughing at these pics. This is the kind of thing that Karin & I would have had an absolute BLAST helping you create! They remind me of a series of photos we took of my cat once…. These are too gosh darn CUTE. You inspire so many of us, Kristin.


  3. Out of this world WONDERFUL!!!!

    Oh how I wish every child in the universe could experience such wonder… such joy… such amazement….

    This teddy bear series is marvelous and will be a forever classic in my heart. Thank you. Thank you.


  4. This brings back great memories for me as a mother. I love the ability that you have to keep kids feeling safe. They can’t be scared to go to school cuz afterall teddy has done it first. I love seeing it when people have found their calling and it is also their job.


  5. This is one of the best ideas I have seen in a long time. Such a great way to help children who are new to school and those who need the visual reminders. I could see putting a set of these cards on a ring that a teacher could carry in a pocket and show to that child who is working on transitions. Thanks for sharing.


  6. What a great idea! I’ve been working on the schedule for my kids and my daycare kids and wondering how to effectively put it into pictures. What a beautiful idea. I’m a new child care provider and I really appreciate this blog for the ideas. :)



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