b is for banana phone

what a silly thing. i was given about 30 laminated paper banana shapes.  it’s B week, so i thought we’d use them for something.


i thought we’d play a simple hide and seek with the banana papers.  but when i was trying to explain the game plan and wanted to get their attention, i pretended my banana was a phone.

banana phone by you.

now that was really silly.

then we made the plan for them to hide their eyes while i hid the stack of bananas (1 per child).

banana phone by you.banana phone by you.banana phone by you.

i came back and gave clues about where the bananas were hidden, then sent them off to find them!

banana phone by you.

coming back with only one banana was a little tricky….more fun to have the whole stack.

banana phone by you.

but we figured out the game…and there was a lot of giggling.

banana phone by you.

5 thoughts on “b is for banana phone

  1. I miss preschool – and you’re already on B week!
    Ethan is loving Kindergarten – you did a great job preparing him :) THANKS!!!!


  2. Just wanted to let you know that I think that your teaching/learning style is fantastic!!!! You always provide great experiences for those kids! Keep up the great work.



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