r is for roll

really it was b week….and we rolled a ball for our project time.


with three blobs of paint (primary colors) on a paper covered table and one ball, we created this:

IMG_2227.JPG by you.


almost immediately we could see secondary colors emerging.  some children knew right away what was happening, others looked to the paint bottles to see if there was a green, orange or purple one.


the only instruction was to wear a paint shirt and move up close to the table.

IMG_2380.JPG by you.IMG_2382.JPG by you.

when the ball rolled to you, you simply rolled it somewhere else.  it became clear who wanted a turn (and who didn’t!) and we teachers could help facilitate turn taking.


IMG_2199.JPG by you.

we let the children roll as long as they liked.  some were done within moments, others lasted until it was a two person activity.


we tried to make our bodies like a fence around the table to keep the ball in.  but that ball was tricky and fell on the floor many times.  glad i had helpers to clean (why can’t i have as much fun cleaning my floor as they do?).

IMG_2221.JPG by you.

at the end of the day (and after a fan blew on the projects) i cut the papers apart so each could take part of the masterpiece home. it was a new concept for some that they were taking home part of a group project, and could simply choose any paper they wanted (no names to look for!).

you can almost see their minds expanding.

3 thoughts on “r is for roll

  1. I love it! This looks like so much fun. I haven’t done this type of activity as a group – just individuals or pairs rolling a golf ball in a shallow box. This is great!



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