d is for dinosaur

dinosaurs found their way into our “recycled rice” table along with sculpey eggs.


i put out several different tongs for picking up the eggs…all to help build those fine motor muscles!


these are definitely the trickiest:



:: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

we used dot stickers and donut stickers (hole reinforcers) on precut dinosaur shapes.


some were to take home, some were added to a group project of a “family of dinosaurs.”


one of those dinosaurs is on roller skates. : )

One thought on “d is for dinosaur

  1. I love D for dinosaur! & I want to be in your class when I’m little! Fun!! (I really love the dog collar making!!–We made leashes with plastic string & beads the other day for the stuffed bears I had out for B week!)



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