e is for egg

it was an egg-celent week.  we started the days with egg experiments.  the first one was finding out how to make the egg white white!  yum.  my favorite part of preschool experiments is writing down the guesses of what might happen (hypothesis!).

egg-celent fun - 08

then we did the good old floating egg experiment. (the egg sinks in plain water and floats in salt water)

egg-celent fun - 09

egg-celent fun - 12

egg-celent fun - 11

egg-celent fun - 10

:: :: :: :: ::

egg-celent fun - 03 by you.

the dinosaurs moved out, but the eggs stayed in the rice table.  egg cartons were added as an extra sorting tool.

egg-celent fun - 04

:: :: :: :: ::

egg-celent fun - 01 by you.

families brought egg cartons for us to paint.  stay tuned to see the finished result!

egg-celent fun - 07 by you.

:: :: :: :: ::

egg-celent fun - 06

there was egg shape drawing, EGG writing, a conversation about the difference between a circle and an oval.

:: :: :: :: ::

egg-celent fun - 02 by you.

animal card sorting.  knowing birds come from eggs, we sorted by “bird” and “not bird.”

egg-celent fun - 05

:: :: :: ::

“egg” week brought the opportunity for us to change our breathing time.  instead of pretending we’re blowing up a balloon over our head, we blew up an egg.  of course that means we cracked the egg while we exhaled. : )

2 thoughts on “e is for egg

  1. Love your ideas! I was wondering about the cookie sheet at your meeting time. It looks like it has pictures of the children with hearts on a couple of faces. Could you tell me about it? Thanks!



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