t is for thankful


what are you thankful for?


a simple project done in stages.  children sat with me in a circle and they told me ideas of things they were thankful for (i realized that what a preschooler is thankful for can also equal what they wish for), i wrote them around the edge of the purple paper, then they went to ms. carol.  she helped them identify colors and sizes in order to glue them together so each color would show.  then there was turkey face making and glue drying.


happy thanksgiving, friends and families!

15 thoughts on “t is for thankful

      1. Ooo, that would be cool. I accidentally bought a package of gray construction paper that the kids have never used. Maybe I alternate white and gray . . . Or I could find some circular doilies to mix in. Yes, yes, yes . . . I love the simplicity of this idea. Thanks.


      2. Alright Kristin, we did the snow man idea yesterday. The results are smashing and the kids were way more excited about doing it than I’d expected, so much so that they all wanted to take them home yesterday. I don’t know if there are any left to photograph to show you. I hope so.

        As it turned out, what I thought was a packet of gray paper, was actually lilac (the lighting in my workroom isn’t so great) so that’s what we used. Thanks.



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