l is for light

did you know that colored paper dividers that your middle school daughter thought she needed and then didn’t are fun to cut and make colored images on the screen when put on an overhead projector?

good times.

5 thoughts on “l is for light

  1. if you have white-colored flashlight, you may also cover it with the colored paper dividers (we call it cellophane) to make colored light. then strike the colored light to colored objects. The colors will change.
    I’ve done it for my science club before the holidays. we learned about light just before the christmas break :)
    hm…i think the projector also have the white light.

    do you know that if you combine all the rainbow colors, they will become one color: white. Rainbow happens when the rain drops separated the sun rays (that is white) into 6 colors, beutiful and amazing :)



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