w is for winter

welcome to winter!

feeling cold?

how about making yourself a fireplace!


still from this painting project, we cut flames and glued them to a big paper.

reading by the fire

(here we are showing our favorite pages from christmas books.)

favorite books

if you don’t have a bridge/boat, the kids think you could use chairs or a table on its side. : )

fireplace stand

6 thoughts on “w is for winter

  1. I once knew a teacher who could create and cut anything with out drawing first, (she could see what she wanted and just cut – it did not matter what size either) she too created a fire place, hearth, mantel and flames. Very wintry and warm, thank you for sharing!


  2. There will be a cozy fire in the playroom when I reopen in January, thank for all your creative ideas, you are making my job come alive again.


  3. That is such a cute idea. I love how the children are showing their favorite pictures from the books. I also love how you adapt the furniture in your classroom to create new experiences. You have such a great eye for extending and coming up with new learning opportunities. Thanks for sharing once again!



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