n is for (happy!) new year

remembering the fun from last year, we played this game again.  it (doesn’t really) require a horn to blow. : )

new year horns

so we used old calendars and catalogs to make some.  i displayed a page from amanda dade’s new year’s parade that we read before playing our game.

new year horns

snipping along one side, then rolling up, taping, and folding down the snips.

new year horns

new year horns

the game is played with our judy clock.  i really wish we had enough for everyone, but it works for me to hold the clock. we start at one o’clock and head through the hours until 12:00. the children really watch carefully and i delight in planting the seed of time telling.  then there is jumping up and hooting and hollering and happy-new-year yelling!


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