m is for martin luther king for preschoolers

what i say:


people with darker skin and people with lighter skin could not go to the same school (or restaurant, park, etc). even in a room full of white kids with a white teacher, i DON’T say “they couldn’t come to our school.”

dr king letter

people with skin like dr. king are sometimes called “black” and people with skin like mine are sometimes called “white.”


there were people with all different colors of skin agreed with dr. king’s ideas. (so often i still sense that preschoolers think only people of color agreed with dr. king).


there was a man who was so angry with what dr. king was saying that he shot him with a gun.  dr. king was hurt badly enough that he died. (this only strengthens our conversations on the realities of guns)

martin video

we used to just listen to excerpts from dr. king’s 1963 “i have a dream speech” that i bought via itunes.  but this year we’re back at the church with wireless internet, so i found the speech on youtube.

there were wonderful images of the crowds as well as dr.king.  i did hear some kids say they were looking for the man with the gun until i explained that dr. king wasn’t killed during this speech.

martin video

since we don’t have movie or computer time at preschool, this was especially exciting.  some children stayed for the duration of the speech and when it was over, one said:  “we’re ready for another movie!”

martin video

we ended the days with a dance party (thanks for the music, annie).  mc hammer made it perfect.

martin video

oh, dr. king, i think your soul would be settled a bit by the hearts of these young ones.

martin video

7 thoughts on “m is for martin luther king for preschoolers

  1. This is amazing. I’m a first time preschool teacher, and I’m trying my best to stay creative and have fun while I get them prepared for their next step. Hopefully I can do my class as much justice as you do yours. Great job!


  2. the colors in those handpaintings are interesting
    the “what if” of his visiting our school is magical
    I’m ready for another movie
    bust a move



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