c is for cutting playdough

i love the feel of scissors cutting playdough.  do you do this?  we often make put scissors on the playdough table and if we don’t, they are on the project shelf where kids can get them.  this was a new use, though:

: )

14 thoughts on “c is for cutting playdough

  1. Kristin,
    I am thoughly enjoying Preschool Daze. The people leaving comments often have very good questions that I’m thinking about too. Is there a place that you answer questions?
    Thank you


    1. most of the time i’ve answered questions in an email back to the person…now i think my replies post in the comment section…let me know if you want an answer you don’t see!


  2. I bought play do scissors from Discount School Supply. They are awesome! It is such great practice for children who have never used scissors before or for those that may need extra help with fine motor skills. :) I love his creation- we had some make ice cream cones with the scissors/rolling pins as the cone. They are so inventive, aren’t they?


  3. How do you manage your art table? Do you put out one activity for the day? How often is playdough, paint, or gluing a choice?


  4. They never cease to amaze you do they? We put scissors with the dough every now and then, especially now at the beginning of the year when we have more 3 year olds who are just getting the hang of using them.



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