One thought on “i is for inch

  1. i love the work you do and frequently check in to see what ideas i can glean for my kidlets. your love for children and your respect for the learning process of the growing brain – it’s beyond apparent in every post. it makes me want to be a better facilitator of knowledge and life for my kids. anyhoo…this post reminded me so much of some “block time” we had a few weeks ago and ended up with too tall walls for our castle and this led to a “flying buttresses”, which led to a trek to the computer to pull up many a cathedral, which led to the longest video every on the chrysilis to butterfly metamorphosis…what i’m trying to say is that i’m trying to follow their whims and curious moments and your blog/site has been helping me keep in tune with why this is so important – instead of trying to cram what i think is important down their throats. anyhoo, i’ll sign off now. i don’t normally leave that many comments – but i felt i had to thank you and if you don’t mind, i’ll continue to blog stalk…becky



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