a 19 month old across the street from us died on saturday after suffering from injuries caused by abuse…reportedly the worst local authorities have seen on a child in 28 years.  we didn’t know this family, we didn’t even know the child existed.

i make a plea tonight that the child you see in your day is looked at with honor and respect.  i beg for this world to stop hurting children.  i long for the day when the pain and fear that engulfs adults doesn’t trickle down to the children.

smile dearly at your young ones.  pray with compassion for adults who are at the end of their rope.

13 thoughts on “abuse

  1. I cried when I read this story in the paper, and cry again as I am reminded of it.
    I work in a job that allows me the privileged and painful view of the atrocities humans can perpetrate on one another. When I work with survivors of abuse, people question how I do this without imploding; but, I know, they give me more than I give them. When I work with perpetrators of abuse, people question how I stomach it; I repeat what a mentor told me a decade ago, quite simply: No more victims.
    I am also comforted in the research that show that one of the top protective factors of on-going problems from trauma is for a child to have one person who truly sees and reflects to them the beauty they contain, even some one fairly briefly involved with them, say, a neighbor, a shop keeper, a preschool teacher…thank you on behalf of our community’s children, Miss Kristin.


  2. This breaks my heart.
    I have dedicated 27 years as an educator of at risk young children working in Head Start, inner-city and state funded pre-k classroom. We must be these children’s voice because sometimes they cannot speak on their own. I do not know why such terrible things happen but they do, and we must care.


  3. I’ve just read this. Now i know.
    Sooooo SAD. I am on your side. No child deserves an abuse, not even one.
    I am reminded of Oprah’s show on child abuse in USA. and i believe it also happens in other countries. So sad.


  4. 19 mons tender soul. God Bless him/her and take the child home. The reminder to honor and respect our little ones made me cry. Sad that this kind of thing happens especially from family members or those who “love” them. My thoughts are with your children in your program knowing they are happy and safe and extend prayers for the family who lost. On Good Friday to read such news, thank you for God’s Son, and prayers to protect all children.


  5. Heartbreaking. My best friend works in the police department division that handles these cases. Unfortunately, it occurs more often than we’d all like to think. The ones that make the news are usually the most severe. Some of the horror stories I’ve heard would make ANYONE cry like a baby. Just this week, a baby died that was airlifted from Deep South Texas here to San Antonio because of the beating she suffered. Lots of people take for granted that someone else will say something. Sometimes by the time someone else does, it’s too late. Prayers to all who are affected by such horrible circumstances.


  6. This is mind-numbingly sad, Kirstin. I try to remind myself that the most important job for those of us who work with young children is to teach them how to appropriately deal with their emotions so that they won’t grow up to be adults who behave like monsters when they find themselves at the end of their ropes.



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